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Our Beliefs

What Do Disciples Believe?

Like most Christians, Disciples affirm:

All persons are God’s children.

Beliefs and practices usually associated with Disciples include:

Open Communion. The Lord’s Supper, or Communion, is celebrated in weekly worship. It is open to everyone..

Freedom of belief. Disciples are called together around one essential of faith: belief in Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior. Persons are free to follow their consciences guided by the Bible, the Holy Spirit study and prayer, and are expected to extend that freedom to others.

Baptism by immersion. In baptism the old self-centered life is set aside, and a new life of trust in God begins. Although Disciples practice baptism by immersion, other baptism traditions are honored.

Belief in the oneness of the church. All Christians are called to be one in Christ and to seek opportunities for common witness and service.

The ministry of believers. Both ministers and lay persons lead in worship, service, and spiritual growth.

On Saturday, April 12, 2014, 21 members of FCC/Asheville met and came to a consensus about the following “essential” beliefs and practices held by FCC/Asheville. On May 4th those unable to attend met with the same assignment. What follows is a compilation & summary of the two meetings:

                  First Christian (D.O.C.) May, 2014

 Who are we?? We are a loving, Christ-Centered, non-judgmental congregation.

We believe God was, and continues to be, revealed in the life, teachings, death & resurrection of Jesus.

We confess Jesus as The Christ (Messiah), Son of God, and Savior of the World.

We are Inter-denominationally minded. (i.e.) open to working with any Christian denomination who confesses Christ as Lord.

We have no “CREED” but Christ and Christ is our MODEL for all we do.

We enjoy our freedom to worship God (In Christ) in a variety of ways.

We enjoy our freedom & responsibility to read and interpret scripture for ourselves.

We are “OPEN & AFFIRMING,” welcoming ANYONE into our fellowship who loves God as revealed in Christ.

We baptize by immersion and welcome and honor Christians who have been baptized in different ways in different traditions.

We celebrate The Eucharist (Communion) in the name of Christ every worship service and welcome ANYONE to The Lord’s Table who feels so led.

P R A C T I C E S:

Attracted by grace, we try our best through grace, to love God (as revealed in Christ), be faithful to God, and love our neighbors as ourselves.

We are intentionally outreach minded and serve others in our community who are in need (as we have been taught by Christ).                                                                                                                           

Our facilities are open, available & free of charge to any non-profit that exists for the “betterment of humanity.”

We value and practice “forgiveness,” are supportive of one another, honor the 10 Commandments as our guide, and try, (through grace), to love & respect all people.

We welcome “Support Groups” to use our facilities who meet for the betterment of humanity.

We value accountability, following through, doing what we “say & Confess,” and, Self Honesty, (both individually, & as a Congregation).