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Rev. Dr. Tom Everton

Our Pastor, the Rev. Dr. Tom Everton, comes to our congregation after having served a congregation in Winston-Salem, N.C. for 15 years. At 58 years of age, he has served as Pastor, Hospital Chaplain and Pastoral Counselor for the past 30 years. He is excited about living and serving in the Asheville area. He also has three grown children.

Dr. Everton's approach to church and ministry are "relational." He emphasizes a relationship with God in Christ instead of adhering to "correct creeds" and dogmas.

"Disciples of Christ" in general are not "against" creeds; but ARE against the abusive use of creeds used to "ex-communicate" believers for not believing "correctly."

He celebrates our congregation's emphasis on welcoming anyone into our fellowship who "loves God as revealed in Christ." He doesn't like to lock people into categories of conservative/liberal, Republican/Democrat, or Gay/Straight. Instead, he is God & Faith Centered, welcoming diverse people to join us and ask their own questions as we all journey in faith together.

Dr. Everton enjoys music, singing, movies, hiking, reading (in coffee shops!!), YouTube Lectures, silent/contemplative prayer, studying, and interfaith dialogue. He has also recently started taking piano lessons (pray for him as he learns!!).

Pastor Everton is easily approachable and available for Pastoral Counseling and also for Spiritual Direction.

Wayne Figart
Church Musician